There has to be a first time

Some may say ‘boring’;

Some may say ‘simple’;

Some may say ‘passionate’;

Some may say ‘idealistic’;

So what do I say I am?

I am ‘passionate’ about finding out more about BIRDS. They fascinate me; they fill me with wonder and awe.

Observing BIRDS in my garden or on my walks and during my drives; I see stealth, I see simplicity, I see survival.

And when I research, I discover wonders that need to be told.

I gain ‘simple’ pleasure from observing and absorbing the every day life patterns of BIRDS.

For the first time ever I have plucked up the courage to write about my enthusiasm and share my discoveries – but am I being too ‘idealistic’ or am I already ‘boring’ you?

Will I actually manage to write on a regular basis? Only time will tell….