Who am I?

img_0056This is me…


  • I am 64 years of age.
  • I live in Lincoln, England.
  • I retired last year from a very satisfying job as assistant head in alternative education in West Sussex.
  • We only moved to Lincoln in July 2016 so we have lots to discover. We have moved from a High Street flat with no garden to a beautiful bungalow with garden only a couple of miles from the centre of Lincoln. ¬†(We = me, my husband, our son and our nutty dog.)
  • One of my best child hood memories is going to local bird study classes each week with my dad. The culmination of that experience came in an all consuming and totally inspiring week at Spurn Head Bird Observatory. I remember it as if it were yesterday.
  • And now at last I can pick up that passion again. I can study the bird life in my garden; I can indulge in studying the many diverse patterns of bird life throughout the world; I can learn and discover new things that require maths, that require science, and hopefully lead to learning how to draw and how to take photographs effectively.
  • And best of all – WordPress allows me to share my findings with you!

Thank you for reading.





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